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10 Reasons We Love Our Bread Machine

Freshly baked bread with from Bread Machine dough settingWhen we moved to the countryside a few years ago, we had visions of freshly baked farm-style bread, but alas, it was not to be. We settled for the next best thing - home baked but quick and easy with the help of our Bread Machine, which fast became our all-time favourite kitchen gadget. There are many brands on the market these days - the one we have is Mellerware's "Ma-Baker".

Mellerware Ma-baker Bread Machine

Why We Love Our Bread Machine

  1. Easy to use, and very user-friendly!

Really, REALLY easy! It takes us about 3 minutes to get everything set up, and the machine does the mixing, the rising, and the baking for us!

  1. Easy instructions & measuring equipment

The Ma-Baker's booklet is full of easy to follow recipes, including white and brown loaves, whole-wheat bread, jam, cake, and gluten-free breads. They need a bit of tweaking in order to veganize them, but we'll be sharing our tried and tested vegan versions on our blog.

The bread machine comes with a measuring cup and spoons, so there's never any hunting around kitchen cupboards to find the right measuring equipment.

  1. Crust settings

With the click of a button, you can choose whether you'd like your bread to have a light, medium, or dark crust.

  1. Dough function

One of our favourite functions is the dough setting, where the machine does the mixing, kneading and rising, but leaves the baking to us. We've had so much fun (and many a feast!) creating pizza dough, focaccia, bread rolls etc! Keep an eye on our blog for vegan recipes for your bread machine.

  1. Versatile

As long as you follow the basics, it's easy to play around with different recipes. Each type of bread machine will want the ingredients in a specific order, and it's a bad idea to exceed the maximum weight.

  1. Timer function

What's better than waking up to the smell of freshly baked bread? Well, if there's anything better, we haven't found it yet! The machine's timer function allows you to set up everything in the evening, and tell the machine when you want the bread to be ready (up to 13 hours in advance). Easy as that!

  1. Reliable

We've had our bread machine for over a year. We use it almost every day, and in all that time our only "flop" was when there was an unexpected power cut mid-way through baking. So you can count on good bread every time.

  1. Great Quality Bread

If - like us - you are after that marvellous home-baked taste, you won't be disappointed! We've seen reviews of other bread machine brands where people have complained about poor quality, but our Ma-Baker has yet to produce anything less than exceptional quality.

9 . Easy to clean.

Cleaning time is usually about 30 seconds - it seldom needs more than a quick rinse.

10. Not too big

If you're low on kitchen counter space, you'll be happy to hear that the bread machine doesn't take up much space at all.


And in case you were wondering, we don't get paid to advertise the bread machine - we just love it so much we can't help sharing!