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Custard Apple

Once upon a time, long long ago (last week) there were two vegans who lived in a little village in Africa. Mostly they enjoyed helping animals, concocting vegan food, and planting things in their magical garden, but once in a while there was no escaping the fact that they would have to venture into the Ghastly Grocery Store.

And ghastly it was, this wicked place, filled with mysterious poisons disguised behind the strangest names, and slain animals neatly packaged for consumption. A vegan nightmare it was!

Custard Apple blog on www.vegandeli.co.za @VeganDeli_SAThankfully, our two vegans had magical devices (smart phones) granting them the wisdom of great oracles (Google!) to guide them through the web of mysterious ingredients.

Being a small village, the vegans knew not to expect anything terribly exotic. In fact, it had happened more than once that even the almond milk rivers ran dry before reaching their little town. But on one particularly magical day, the vegans ran into a surprise, and for once it was a pleasant one.

In the sanctuary of the fruit and veg section, the vegans came upon a thing. A "thing", they called it, for they had never seen it before! And they knew - even without consulting the great oracle (Google) that they would have to have this "thing" and discover its secrets.

Custard Apple on www.vegandeli.co.za blog @VeganDeli_SAOnce safely home, the vegans consulted the Oracle, and found that the "thing" was in fact a Custard Apple, although to them it looked more like some ancient dragon egg.

The Custard Apple didn't look or smell like an apple, or like vegan custard. With great excitement the vegans sliced it open.

Custard Apple sliced on www.vegandeli.co.za blog @VeganDeli_SACarefully they removed the seeds - to be planted in their garden - and took their first bite. The fruit was soft and tender, and tasted of mango and pineapple and a touch of magic.

Custard Apple fruit on www.vegandeli.co.za blog @VeganDeli_SA"How lovely!" they thought to themselves. And dreamed of living happily ever after in a Custard Apple forest.

The End.