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Hello world!

After a year of plotting and planning, and extensive experimentation with our product recipes, we are over the moon that our website finally launched on 1 September! The positive feedback and support we've received has been overwhelming, and we are more inspired than ever to do our bit to make Veganism tasty, easy, and hassle-free.

Moonshadow Vegan Deli products ship nationwide in South Africa

As this is our very first Blog post on Moonshadow Vegan Deli, we thought we'd tell you a bit about what we have planned:

We'll be using this blog to bring you useful vegan information, and news about our products.

Being vegan really needn't be complicated or expensive. Having said that, we know that it can feel a little overwhelming at first. We remember all too well how daunting it seemed when we first went vegan, to have to figure out what was "safe" to eat. We found scary ingredients where we least expected. Had it not been for helpful vegans in the family, and VeganSA's directory, we'd probably have starved that first week!

We've met many people new to veganism who are in the same boat, and desperate for some guidance with their vegan shopping list and dinner plans. So we'll be including some easy vegan recipes and some invaluable tips no vegan should ever be without.

In the meantime, we've added some of our favourite vegan resources on our vegan page.

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